Houston Families Seek $25 Million After Children's Electrocution At Moody Park

January 19, 2020

By:  K. Goldstein

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HOUSTON- Families for two children and one adult electrocuted at Houston’s Moody Park seek damages of $25 million in a lawsuit filed last month against the City of Houston, Lindale Little Leaguers, Times Construction, and CenterPoint Energy.  The families are being represented by Attorney Sean A. Roberts of the Houston law firm Roberts Markland LLP, who is determined to hold these defendants responsible and prevent any more future tragedies.

“These children suffered immeasurable physical and psychological harm." Roberts Said.  "We are pursuing this case to not only help these families pay for extensive medical treatments, but also bring awareness to the public about the safety of our city parks and insuring they are safe.”  Said Roberts.

Six-year-old McKinley Ray and nine-year-old Emma Lazcano were hospitalized on September 11th, 2019, after being electrocuted at Moody Park, a public park in Houston.  The two children touched a defective high-voltage ground electric box at the Houston park while attending a softball practice. David Gilbert, the grandfather of Emma, was also electrocuted and suffered serious injuries when he attempted to pull the children free from the high-voltage device.

The children suffered severe, disfiguring burns, along with serious muscle, joint, and nerve damage from the electrocution. After hospitalization, doctors expect the children will require extensive treatments and medical procedures, including skin grafts, surgeries, physical therapy, and nerve regeneration therapy.  It’s unclear whether the children will ever fully recover from their injuries.

In December, Houston Attorney Sean A. Roberts, of Roberts Markland LLP, filed a $25 million civil lawsuit on behalf of the victims against the City of Houston, CenterPoint Energy, Lindale Little Leaguers, and Times Construction. In the aftermath of the Moody Park tragedy, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner reached out to the families and reportedly ordered electric boxes to be replaced or repaired at all City of Houston parks.

“Contractors, construction companies, electric companies, and our elected officials must insure the safety of our public spaces." Roberts said.  "When they break our trust, they will be held accountable.”

Roberts Markland LLP, made headlines last year when the Houston law firm won a $3.8 million verdict against United Airlines on behalf of disabled passenger, Erica Fulton.  In addition to the United case, the renowned firm has won over $100 million in verdicts and specializes in a wide range of personal injury and other civil cases. 

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Looking ahead, the families and their attorneys want the city and its contractors to take all necessary measures to guarantee the safety of Houston’s public parks.

“We’re hopeful this case will insure city parks and all public spaces are safe for children and their families." Roberts said. "The city had received multiple complaints of electrical problems. Hopefully this tragic incident will be a wake-up call to contractors and the city to properly maintain our public parks and other areas.”

“We have to trust our public parks are safe,” continued Roberts. “We fight not only for victims but to prevent any future tragedies.”

According to the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department, today, the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (H.P.A.R.D.) system includes 380 developed parks and more than 167 greenspaces totaling over 39,501 acres.

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